Back to School

21 Feb

Now that our new school schedule is out, classes have started in full force.  Here’s a few choice quotes to kick off the week:

After reading about Martin Luther King Jr.:

Student: “So teacher, in the 1930’s, you only played with other white children?”

Me: “No, James. I wasn’t alive in the 1930’s.  That would make me more than 80 years old.”

Student: (Blank look)

Me: (sigh) “Ok, fine. Yes, in the 1930’s I could only play with other white children and I was very sad.”

Student: Nods head and looks satisfied.

From a book report:

“In the old days, people didn’t have toilets. So they dug a hole in the ground for their poo. Then in Rome, people made public baths. This was very fun. Because now people could talk to their friends while they pooed.”

During our debate class, this week’s topic being anorexia:

Me: “Can boys get married if they’re fat?”

Student: “Yes! My dad is fat. Because my mom likes fat boys!”

And lastly, an image of Cla Teacha losing her damn mind:

Student: “Teacher, I didn’t bring my books.  And I don’t have a pencil.”

Me: “You didn’t bring anything? You realize you’re at school right?  OK, who can give him a pencil to borrow?”

Students: No answers, eyes shifting suspiciously

Me: “OK who else forgot their pencil today?”

4/7 students raise their hands: Please keep in mind this is one of my most advanced classes and on a random Thursday, more than 50% of them forgot to even bring something to write with.

I promptly threw down my pen and walked out of the class.

I hope your job is equally fulfilling and hilarious – have a wonderful work week!


One Response to “Back to School”

  1. Brittney March 4, 2011 at 1:21 am #

    Hi! This may come off a bit creepy…but I was doing some research on the area of Dongbaek Yongin since I am moving there in May to teach and came across your blog…and I think you’re a teacher at the school I’m going to be teaching at…so I just had to stop and leave a comment and a quick hello!! 🙂 SO EXCITED to be in South K and join in, you look like you’re having an amazing time!!

    – Brittney

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