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Clever, Non-Bitter Title Goes Here

9 Dec

If you’re in a really good mood, I hate you please see the above title of this post, and kindly exit this blog. Because I’m not in a good mood. I am the Bitchy Betty of the blogging world right now. Why?

I hate winter. More than social conservatives almost anything. Really.

It snowed yesterday. All day. And while it was pretty from inside at work, I then walked home in this semi-blizzard, leaving my eye makeup somewhere around my nose, and my holiday cheer somewhere around the first half-kilometer mark. I hate winter clothes, shoes, and accessories. (save for one Burberry scarf that makes me feel both sane and sophisticated, and like my mama)  I hate the way winter makes me want to burrow into a blanket and hibernate, and overeat and not exercise. (It’s a testament to my will power and vanity that I haven’t gained weight this month) I hate that I can’t even console myself with college basketball, and that this will be my first Christmas away from my family.

But okay, life doesn’t suck. I really like my job. I really like weekends out in Bundang and Seoul. I really like my friends here.

For the first time in my life, I am paying for and planning my own real vacation – a week (including NEW YEAR’S) in Sydney, for some much-needed sun & debauchery.

And when I truly find no redeeming qualities in a winter day, I take a deep breath, chug an iced coffee (don’t think I’ve switched just because the weather blows), and I look at these pictures that my amazing older brother took:

It should say, "I love my mama Claire."

Yes, that’s my number 1 gal, rocking a bib in my honor. (note: I did not make this bib. It was a present to inform me that I would soon be an auntie.)  Evey has apparently had some adjustment issues to the new baby; namely that she keeps defecating in the nursery, which is really funny tragic.  Clearly, my girl needs me.

She dares you to make a snarky comment about this photo.

And not to be upstaged, here’s my nephew, who appears to get cuter by the day. Can’t wait to meet you peanut!!

Dylan is offering free hugs to anyone suffering from seasonal depression

So yeah. . . winter sucks, but there is much to look forward to. . . and in the meantime, there are nephews and one-eyed dogs to love on.


Deep Thoughts, Shower Edition

11 Sep

OK, it’s a little past midnight, with Mama and I set to leave for the airport in about 3 hours. My flight is at 6:30 am Saturday, meaning I’ll get into Seoul at 6:30 p.m. . . . Sunday.  So that I can start work . . . Monday.  And since I am notorious for being an insomniac and all-around weird sleeper, I’m guessing my first day of work will give me post traumatic stress disorder will be interesting.

And of course I can’t sleep now, so I’m doing important last-minute things like painting my nails (Ski Teal We Drop from the new OPI Swiss collection) and checking Facebook. And watching Veronica Mars, season 1 on instant Netflix.

I did have the forethought to shower, which is when I began asking myself rhetorical questions, which I’m sure is the first sign of senility.

Questions such as:

1. When am I going to take a shower next? And ugh, where?

2. How disgusting am I going to look/feel/smell after hours of continuous travel? Like, offensively bad?

3. How could I leave behind all these adorable shoes and accessories for Mama to poach on for an entire year?

4. When the hell is my nephew going to get here? (Looking at you Mandy – you really dropped the ball on this one)

5. Why am I both addicted to and comforted by Veronica Mars and her sassy sleuth-like abilities?

6. How will you all survive without me?

While you ponder these, and other mysteries of life, I’ll leave you with the 2 best pics from my “good-bye week.”

A proper send-off from Dad, who volunteers as an Old Prospector in his free time

and this little gem:

I made the mistake of giving her the book before our good-byes.

Once I get over the whole time change thing, I’ll be writing from Korea. Be jealous! And wish me a coma-induced bitchin’ flight!

See y’all there.